Natural wines are a fight against conventional wines:
*Against the thought of  wines made with artificial additives.
*Against the thought that wines may spoil.
*Against the idea of being rude and unpleasant wines.
*Against the conventional quality and rating patterns which praise only the refined without giving importance to the means of getting that characteristic.
*Against the evenness of the wine-making and wine presentation. 
*Against the "wine forenses" who make "dead wine".
*Against the powerful  institutional private wine sector and its tricky information.
*Because wines without sulfites are not automatically "natural". 

And a cry for liberty in favour of:
*A wine-making without pressure, just showing the real character.
*A rediscovery of the essence.
*A viticulture and vinification completely indigenous. 
*Because we love to drink what we make.
*For the gratitude of our friends and followers. 
*For the respect  for the real winelovers.
*Because another wine culture is possible.