They have been made with the Cosmic Calendar, that is to say the different works of agriculture: pruning, vintage etc. as well as those of elaboration: racking, decantation, maturation, raising in its case and bottling. They have been done in the days when the Moon was in front the constellations that support each of the essential qualities:

Air: harmony of colours and subtlety of aromas

Water: softness of taste sensations

Fire: balance of the fruity characters

Earth: intense structural characters of terroir

Therefore, the wines “In the rhythm of the Moon” are able to transmit the four basic and distinctive profiles of a wine in the consumption generic typologies:


Air: light and ethereal wine both in colour and aroma. Wine: Dionisos Aire

Watereasy to drink soft and pleasant wines. Wine: Dionisos Agua

Fire: fruity wines both in aromas and flavours. Wine: Dionisos Fuego

Earth: wines that smell and taste of terroir. Wine: Dionisos Tierra

The wines "In the rhythm of the moon" integrate, through their way of cultivation and elaboration, the qualities of the four elements, without technological subterfuges or oenological make-ups.

The four elements are presented in a case with a detailed Guide that explains their elaboration and qualities. It serves as a tasting reference to discover their profiles and recognize "the wine of our trend", which makes them a didactic and enriching experience.