In Spain and Europe, wine is a cultural fact and, particularly in the Mediterranean countries, an expression of life which has joined people and populations.
The methods for nurturing the vineyards and producing wine have been traditionally developed under close attention and regard to the conditions and means of each area, setting differentiated territorial typologies whose shared interest is naturalness.
This natural character, which is still engraved on our mind and imagination, is covertly altered by the current wine-making processes and methods, in which several technologies and oenological substances transform and merge the traditional processes in the interest of obtaining markets and consumers.
The labelling is the tool used to know the food qualities and characteristics through the description of the procedures and the list of ingredients and additives. This is not the case for wine which is external to the European food legislation.
As wine manufacturers and consumers, we consider this obligatory discrimination in the wine labelling to enable the identity loss of the traditional processes, which alienates it from its cultural value and fosters the overgrowth of additives and utterly unknown methods to the consumer.
We defend and demand the wine, key component in the Mediterranean diet and food to consume, to be considered and treated as the remainder of the food. Therefore, it must be compulsory to include the list of ingredients and substances in the label (dyes, preservatives, sugars, flavours, taste or texture modifiers, etc…). It is about respect and, above all, health, food intolerance, allergies and environment care.
We consider it essential that the labelling express the type of yeast used in the production, if they are indigenous, industrial or if they are genetically modified.
We are aware that this information would not only have a clarifying effect on the content of each bottle but also result in a restrictive effect over the use of additives.
We request that the wine labelling be evenly treated to the remained food produced in Europe in the pursuit of a true wine culture and conscious consume.
The aim of this signature collection is to trigger a Popular Initiative that promotes the law adjustment needed to include the section “Ingredients” in the wine labelling.
La Bodega de las Estrellas.
Valdepeñas, May 2016

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