It corresponds to wines to which time, that is to say the course of cosmic cycles and rhythms has transmitted and allowed to fix the experiences and events of their rackings, decantations, that nuance them and enrich them "in wisdom".
Wines that transmit elegance, calmness and slow conversation.
In La Bodega de las Estrellas we do two types of maturation processes.
The well-known and classic aging in oak barrels, and the even slower evolution in amphorae whose essential quality is a non-invasive model of the varietal qualities of the wine as it does not provide "wood".

In this range we use the red variety: Tempranillo, which in its ecotype "Cencibel" we consider autochthonous and the beloved and adopted white variety, Macabeo.

With Tempranillo we make DIONISOS EGO Barrica (9 months in oak barrels) only with grapes, without sulphites or additives, and DIONISOS EGO Amphora matured for 4 years in amphorae and DIONISOS Macabeo Barrica elaborated with all the skin and matured 9 months in oak. 

Mention apart: VIEJO DIONISOS. Sweet white wine but of golden color and sweet palate, that more than maturing has aged. Delicious.





DIONISOS Orange Macabeo Barrica

Type of wine: White wine “orange” fermented and aged in oak barrel

Grape variety: Macabeo (100%)

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tasting notes:   Sight: slightly pearly tones on clayey colours

Smell: an elegant combination of balsamic and fruity nuances

Taste: balanced and soft wooden taste with a long and gentle aftertaste

Vinification: Wine made from grapes harvested by hand. The fermentation was conducted with indigenous yeasts and full macerated with skins. Malolactic fermentation was made in oak barrels with successive stirring of the lees. With very slight filtration.









DIONISOS Ego Amphora 

Type of wine: Red wine.

Grape variety: Tempranillo (100%)

Alcohol: 13.5%

Tasting notes:   Sight: dark blue, almost black, with purple hints.

Smell: elegant shades of mineral character and balsamic notes.

Taste: long lasting intensity leads to sweet fruitiness of berries and roots.

Vinification: It has been fermented with its own yeast and matured inside clay jars in the cave at 9 meters deep. This is a flavourful, delicious and potent wine which expresses the calcareous character of our lands. It is the identity sign of the family wine tradition of four generations. Only lightly filtered.









DIONISOS Ego Barrica  

Type of wine: Natural Red wine.

Grape variety: Tempranillo (100%)

Alcohol: 13.5%

Tasting notes:                  

Sight: Brilliant with suggestive purple highlights.

Smell: Elegant mineral aromas character and balsamic tones.

Taste: The mineral and balsamic characters contrast with the fruity sweetness of red berries.

Vinification: The grapes have been selected and harvested by hand. It has fermented in oak barrels with its own yeasts on days of waning moon, with gentle pumping over. Matured in French oak barrels. Not filtered.