In the first place natural wines must be elaborated with grapes of organic agriculture as only ingredient. Without artificial additives, without added sulphites and without having undergone processes or technologies of denaturation or alteration of their essential qualities.

Natural wines should always be fermented with indigenous yeasts, which live in the fields where the vines have been raised and colonize the skin of the grapes. This undoubtedly gives them the guarantee of being linked to a territory or origin.

Natural wines are therefore those that we consider more frank and direct since no manipulation modifies what the grape produces.
The arguments that drive La Bodega de las Estrellas towards this type of elaboration are:

- A way to rediscover and show the essence of the authenticity of our autochthonous viticulture and vinification, detaching ourselves from all kinds of imitations or conventionalisms.

- A creative work that connects us with a new Wine Culture that in our case integrates: cosmology, sustainability and respect towards what we understand as quality.

- An option to enjoy our work, and at the same time out of gratitude to our followers with whom we want to share what we like to drink.

It is absolutely necessary that the wine incorporates in its label "THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS". In addition to grapes, what is this that I introduce in my body? I at least want to be responsible for what I choose.

To this purpose, years ago, La Bodega de las Estrellas published the "European Manifesto for greater transparency in wine labelling". The collection of signatures that accompanies it promotes a change in European legislation that classifies the sector and helps to differentiate the diversity of elaborations and wines in Europe.