Motivations to Protect the Earth and People

Our compromise is not to use synthesis systems or products that affect living beings, pollute the environment and limit biodiversity in agriculture. And to carry out the practices that assure a greater respect towards the naturalness in the elaboration of the wine that is going to be in benefit of the natural quality and also avoiding all type of polluting effluents to the environment.

From the beginning, organic agriculture has been our commitment to the Earth and the quality of its fruits. The care of the vineyard to avoid high productivities. Understanding that winemaking must have something alchemical, where not everything is intervention, addition or modification.

Our objective is to achieve small goals that make a sustainable model, using alternative sources of energy and inputs that help us to better efficiency and sustainability, in which we reuse the sub-products of wine as fertilizers; where we use gravity in the movement of materials and wine; where we save energy by taking advantage of the coolness of the cave to condition the temperature of the amphorae; where we avoid contamination through the use of aggressive, toxic and denaturing substances and processes; where we employ low-carbon footprint strategies through the use of materials and concepts for the use of wine in large containers... in sum, that we collaborate with the care of our planet through our work in a circular economy.

Organic Agriculture 

The use of chemical fertilizers, which are soluble, allows the vineyard to make a forced consumption that induces it to high productions but carries accelerated metabolisms that block the elaboration of the substances that most interest us: aromas and flavors, producing insipid grapes, incapable of giving wines with natural aromas and flavors.

Raising the vines with natural fertilizers (composts made with part of our own processing residues and the complement of sheep manure) means that not only is their production balanced, but they also have a physiological balance essential for their vigour and rusticity.

Healthy vineyards that with natural substances, sulphur and little more, we are able to protect effectively, rewarding us on the other hand with excellent fruits.