Our life, and that of the planet and all living beings that inhabit it: animals or plants, they are directly linked to the Cosmos, generator and ruler of the vital processes. 
The Sun, the Moon and the rest of the stars, with their cycles and rhythms mark the seasons, the climate, etc.; they mark the cycles and mechanisms of the natural processes of fermentation, decantation, aging... and also the ones related to the cellular metabolism. 
In this intimate connection the human specie is developed and through it we come to the world with a profile of characteristics, sensations and emotions and tastes which we call essential and which correspond to our heritage as a specie and links us to the Cosmos in our condition of stardust. 
From La Bodega de las Estrellas, where we grow our vines and make wines focusing on the Cosmic cycles and rhythms, we suggest Los Vinos del Zodíaco (Zodiac wines), matching our unique sensory capacities of colour, aroma, taste and texture of our wines and making 12 wines that correspond and represent the 12 zodiac essential characters. 
For these 12 wines, we have chosen the grape varieties and the wine-making which would allow you to discover the 12 zodiac characters in the tasting. 
This personal character defines us and we create links and rejections. 
From La Bodega de las Estrellas, we suggest 12 wines whose qualities correspond to the character and this way, the cultural fact will be evident. 
Los Vinos del Zodiaco are the most social wines, the ones that represent us and link us, being very valuable presents.