Visits to the Bodega de las Estrellas want to reach the essence of wine culture by suggesting some reflections on how to make them.

Within the framework of a traditional winery with amphorae halls, courtyards, ripening cave at a depth of 9 metres and the experience of four generations, we explain our work to you the same people who do it. We show how the colours, aromas, flavours and textures of wines are formed by linking them to organic agriculture, natural processes and cosmic cycles and rhythms.

With comprehensible language that orients and allows to identify the wine profile that is chosen, for which we help to know and find simple words that express what the senses suggest. We don't like expressions that are supposedly technical but that frighten many times the one who starts in the wine. We are convinced that what you know and understand is what you enjoy.



  +34 650 55 29 76   or  +34 926 31 32 48