Complete visit


Guided tour through the traditional winery with explanation of wines’natural elaboration and the use of the Cosmic Calendar which objective is to take benefit from the best cycles and rhythms of the Moon and stars to grow vines and make wine.

Tasting of three wines and canapés.

Duration: 90 minutes

Schedules: Saturdays at 12am and Sundays 11am

9,92 €

The guided tour will place the familiar winery in the context of the Europe biggest wine region and will explain its working lines: organic agriculture through the use of natural fertilisers and natural elaboration process with the own grapes’ yeasts.

In the next step, you will discover the use of cosmic influences in the cultivation work: pruningharvest…also fermentation, transfers, growing…and its resulting wines. The overall will be explained with the Cosmic Calendar.

This path immerses visitors in the formation of aromas, flavours and sensations which best part is the wine tasting. With this, we teach the visitors how to recognize the wine qualities and values of this special elaboration.

Three wines are tasted among Traditional and “In the Rhythm of the Moon”, combined withsnacks. Our senses will get lost in a whirl of sensations we will name and attribute character to, helping us to distinguish young wines’ aromas, the most natural flavours and the changing colours shades. The “Tasting Calendar” will give us the opportunity to get involved in this way of making and feeling wines.


  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Schedules: Saturdays at 12am and Sundays at 11am (Bank holidays and long weekends: see schedules)
  • Not necessary to come within a group. Book at: 650 552 976
  • Tasting of three wines and appetizers
  • Price: €9/adult (special price for children and groups with previous booking, see “Visit modalities”)