Visit and degustation course of the Stars


Guided tour by the owner and explanation of the natural constitution of the qualities of the wine: aromas, flavours. Entry in the planetarium and explanations of the relations linking  the cycles/rhythms of the Moon and stars withvital processes of the vine and wine elaboration.

Duration:2.5 hours

Schedules:Saturdays at 12am

18,18 €


Guided tour by the owner with original explanation of the natural formation of qualities such as aromas, flavours, colours and textures in grapes as well as in wines, depending on agriculture and elaboration modalities.

We use Aristotle’s conceptual principle of the four elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water. They act like forces or processes which, from a qualitative aspect, can involve synthesis actions, transformations, fixation etc… and explain plant metabolisms as well astheprocesses governing fermentations, decantation etc.

Given that we know that macro (cosmos) and micro (cell) laws operate under the same standards, we link the Moon and stars cycles and rhythms with the formation of aromas and flavours in grapes and wines. We are also able to reasonably explain, based on recent scientific discoveries, the empirical practices related to the Moon that the farmers and wine makers were traditionally using.

During the visit, we will show you how through the use of natural systems (foreign yeasts) and traditional practices such as amphorae, wine qualities are shaped and fixed. You’ll reach the conclusion that natural wines are not only possible, they are what consumers expect from winemaking and finally that “only natural wines express the values of terroir”.


The aim is to introduce everyone to wine culture in a simple, intuitive, participative and original way. We wish every person to be able to interpret what senses capture through a simple vocabulary and that she recognises the four types of wines realised with four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

We train and recognise wines’ expressions through our senses: sight, smell and taste.

Tasting of five wines: an original white to train and four redselaborated with the Cosmic Calendar to discover fruity character, subtlety, sweetness and terroir. We harmonise them with delicious appetizers and present the Tasting Calendar “In the rhythm of the Moon”.

An authentic travel for the knowledge and senses.


  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Schedule: Saturdays at 12am (public holidays and long weekends, check schedules)
  • No need to come in groups. Book at +34 650 552 976
  • Tasting initiation course with 5 wines and appetizers
  • Price: 17 €/adult (special prices for children and groups with previous booking, contact us)
  • Not recommended for children considering the important duration and intensity of the visit.

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