For years, experimental work has demonstrated the link between the rhythms and cycles of the stars and vital processes. The vine inscribed its perfect cycle and closely linked to the cosmic; budding, flowering, ripening ... do not just happen, but are adjusted to precise phases, periods and positions of the Sun, Moon and stars in the cosmos. Similarly in the winery, wine making and subsequent evolution is not indifferent to the cosmic moment, but is closely linked and influenced.

As winemakers, we choose the moments according to the rhythms, to guide our wine, firstly to avoid any transgression that chemical fertilizers or winery additives produce by denaturing, and secondly, as a search formula for an essential and proper typicity that corresponds to its origin and not to technology.
Our objective is to give the cosmic dimension an essential and determining role, not only in its manifestations on vital rhythms and processes, but also in the very character of our work in the concept of the "terroir" of wines.

Moon cycles and their effects on vines and wine

From the different cycles and lunar rhythms with the intervention of the Sun and the stars, we build every year a calendar of astronomical phenomenology CALENDARIO LUNAR DEL VIÑADOR, which helps us to choose the best days for the different works of the vineyard or the winery.

We use the growing and waning cycles of the Moon for fermentation; ascending or descending for example for pruning and the Moon in front of the constellations in its four variables: air, water, fire or earth to help us fix in grapes and wines different qualities far from any esoteric consideration, we apply only the natural processes derived and we are proud to verify and verify the results: living wines bearers of the eternity of the universe.