They will express the concentration of our Sun that transmits them energy and strength, nuanced by its varietal character.

The amphorae in which they have been elaborated contribute to the complexity of their aromas and the roundness and smoothness of their flavours.

The grapes with which they are made are the local ecotype of Tempranillo that we call "Cencibel", the autochthonous variety Airén, the already traditional Macabeo and Garnacha and the most recent, Verdejo.

In this group of wines we combine the varietals DIONISOS Verdejo and DIONISOS EGO Joven of Tempranillo, already classic; with the irreverent DIONISOS Blanco de Tinto, elaborated as a white but with Tempranillo and Garnacha and DIONISOS Blanco Orange made with Airén and Macabeo, elaborated as a red with all the skin.




DIONISOS Blanco de Tinto

Type of wine: Blanc de Noir

Grape variety: Tempranillo and Garnacha (50%)

Alcohol: 13.5%

Tasting notes:   

Sight: bright colour with pearly iridescence.

Smell: fresh and floral, wild berries aromas and yeasts.

Taste: full-bodied on the palate, moderate acidity, smooth, tasty and fruity

Vinification:  We elaborate this wine with early grapes as it was white wine, separating the must immediately after start the grape processing. Made only with grapes, without sulphites or other additives. Filtered with cellulose.










Type of wine: White “orange” with full skin maceration

Grape variety: Airén and Viura (50%)

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tasting notes:  

Sight: slightly orangey colour.

Smell: Combines dried fruits and balsamic nuances.

Taste: lightly mineral with a long aftertaste.

Vinification:  This wine was macerated and fermented in clay jars with its own yeasts and full skin maceration with soft and successive stirring of the lees. Made only with grapes, without sulphites or other additives. Not filtered.










Type of wine: Natural Red Wine

Grape variety: Tempranillo (100%)

Alcohol: 14.5%

Tasting notes:  

Sight: Violet red colour with a very intense layer.

Smell: Powerful in aromas of ripe raspberry and blackberry berries

Taste: A wine of concentrated structure with an enveloping velvety sensation

Vinification:  The grapes, harvested by hand, are fermented with their own yeasts in clay jars where they ripen. It is bottled after a light filtration. Only grapes are used in its preparation, without sulphites or other artificial substances