The cycles of the Moon, its phases in movement as well as the planets and stars’ positions form in their overall a cyclic system perfectly corresponding to the vital processes of plants (vineyards) and to the different stages of the wine elaboration activity.

Who could deny the influence or relation between the Moon on tides, animals fertility cycles, fishing, hunting…but also on the vine pruning, fermentation and clarification of wines?

Traditionally cosmos’ references were used to set up the labours calendar and match it with the best period of intervention following their cycles. It is more recently that industrial agriculture and oenology, reduced to chemistry, have ignoredthese principles arguing they were not justified.

For years, experimental labours have been proving the link between the stars’ rhythms/cycles and vital processes. The vine follows a cycle perfectly and tightly related to the cosmic system: budding, flowering, maturation…don´t happen randomly but following the phases, periods and precise positions of the moon and stars in the cosmos. In the same way, in our production, the wine elaboration and the following evolution are not detached from the cosmic moment, they are closely linked and influenced.

As vine growers and artisanal producers, we chose moments phased with the rhythmsto give different characters to our wines. First reason to this: we avoid any transmission caused by chemical fertilisers and additive substances. Second reason: we are looking for an essential own characteristic which corresponds to their origin and not to technology.

Moon cycles and their effects on vines and wine

Depending on the position of the Moon related to the Sun, we observe the moonlight (which is in reality a reflection of the sunlight). This rhythm marks moon phases: full, waning, new and waxing. These phases determined by the Moon’s rotation and Sun positions impactthe processes’ speed. Thus, the waxing Moon implies accelerated processes (for instance faster sap circulation or fermentations) whereas waning Moon stimulates slow processes.

Since the Moon’s orbit is tilted compared to the celestial Ecuador, the Moon, while travelling, follows a path going up and down. Consequently, we observe on certain dates that the Moon describes circle segments very close to the horizon, and day after day, moves off until reaching its apogee. Then, it describes circular arcs lower every day. This rising and decreasing rhythm is linked with fluxes. Biological processes of centrifugal energy rise or become active during the rising phase whereas those of centripetal energy reduce or slow down during decreasing phase. Trimming interventions on the vines to which we don´t want or don´t have to move the power line up must occur during decreasing phase. Decanting processes are amplificated when transfers take place during decreasing phase as well.

Moon’s orbit around Earth (approx. 27.5 days) takes place in front of a ring, or segment of cosmos, which background is made of groups of stars called constellations: they are the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. Depending on their length, the Moon goes through them in an interval of 1 to 4 days. The character of each constellation corresponds to one of the four elements which, since Ancient Greece and more precisely since Aristotle, have been specified: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The character’s importance resides in the fact that it enunciates a qualitative approach of the Universe. “Everything that exists does because of the four elements’ action”, it is also applicable to flavours and aromas in grapes and wines.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are subject to processes of Earth’s field, source of constituting actions performed by vine’s roots which favour the development of mineral and earthy characters of aromas and flavours in grapes and wines.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio correspond to Water element, favouring the annual renewal of the vine through its organs: mobility process with consequences inthe balance and sweetness of grapes and wine’s aromas and flavours.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are linked with Fire. Through the fruit and its sweet/acid balance, they develop a fruity character, favouring aromas as well as fruity flavours.

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are related to Air: through their action in the flower of the vine they harmonise colours and aromas, favouring the light and fine character in the grapes andtheir corresponding wines.

Through the Cosmic Calendar observations we recognise moon phases (waxing, waning), rising and decreasing rhythm, Moon’s positioning in front of a determined constellation and consequently the element operating on it.

This way, we are able to determined which periods are the best to work on a certain lot or a certain batch, following one of the four essential qualities.

Wines established with the Cosmic Calendar are named “In the rhythm of the Moon”.