Natural wines and wine tourism

La Bodega de las Estrellas

Welcome to an experience that reveals new ways to approach wine culture. A traditional family winery that produces only with its own grapes, organic wines, wines made in clay jair without added sulfites, with the aim of naturalness.

We integrate sustainability into processes and natural quality as elements of respect for the planet and the beings that live on it

We use the Moon Phases Calendar in the vineyards and wines and explain it in a special way with the 4 elements: air, water, fire and earth. They define our ways of working and types of wines.

We are in the region of Castilla La-Mancha, which has the best conditions for the cultivation of the vineyard and in the city with wine name: Valdepeñas.

We are "La Bodega de las Estrellas". Discover us!


“Earth's wine”

Our wines are the expression of the terroir, as the vineyards are cultivated with natural fertilizers, in organic agriculture and fermented with their indigenous yeasts, which fix their origin.

Our work is independent of denominations or sectoral positions. we make wines of the earth and we are“independent vintners”.

Discover EGO Vinum wines (The essence of wine) in two successes of work well done and commercial acceptance:

Botella Dionisos de vino natural tinto maduro en tinaja de barro de uva tempranillo


Tempranillo fermented in clay jars with indigenous yeasts and matured or raised for 3 years again in jars; thanks to the ability to exchange or "breathe" its wall.

Discover its qualities of maturity, since by not intervening the wood, it splendidly shows all its varietal character. Simply delicious!

Botella de la bodega de las estrellas de vino natural de tinaja tinto maduro en barrica de uva tempranillo y cabernet sauvignon


In this case it is a blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, of unproductive vineyards that concentrate their character in the grapes to make a powerful wine.

We mature for 12 moon phases in new barrels, in a balance that does not allow the wood to stand out. Unforgettable its perception of the terroir!


Organic farming with the stars and making natural wines, has been from the beginning our commitment to the Earth and the quality of its fruits.

Dionisio de Nova


Slow Wine Tourism

In the winery the prominence are the clay jars, it is our most valuable heritage.
They allow us to work with other criteria and obtain kind and sweet wines;at the same time as powerful and complex, tasty and easy to drink, just like food cooked in a clay pot.

In the elaboration, we stand out for making wines “only from grapes”, without processes that denature it and without additives that "make them up"; it gives us identity and authentic origin.

In our quiet visits and tastings, we teach it with a simple language and didactic spirit.
We even offer meals and also accommodation in La Venta de las Estrellas.

Wine tasting


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