Organic wine without sulfites

EGO Vinum Wines are sustainable, vegan, healthy, alive and natural. They come from organic farming, therefore, they are organic wines.

They are wines of natural elaboration, then they are wines without sulfites, or other additives. They are wines made in clay jars and have been used the Moon Phases Calendar to guide the natural fixation of aromas and flavors in grapes and wines, in accordance with the sensory qualities of the 4 Elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

EGO is the "Essential Self", EGO Vinum it is the honest purpose of making "the essence of wine" which in no way can be contrived.

Our contribution to wine culture is the recovery of the concept of Four Elements, which has been preserved as a basic cultural element in our Western society. Because of their qualitative nature, we use them to explain how
we make them, define the generic profiles of wines and systematize their qualities.


The Four Elements

The 4 elements are archetypes developed in Classical Greece, are a basic and very understandable approach to explain the natural laws of our planet: everything that exists depends on them, in their properties qualities of the physical and elements of functionality are included.



Impalpable, its fluidity is horizontal as it is not altered by gravity. This affection gives him the capacity for subtlety.



Its ability to move from one state to another makes it essential as a "container" of life. Its quality is balance.



It manifests itself in the destruction of the old and the worn to facilitate renewal.



It shapes and shapes the skeleton on which life expands. Its quality is structural.

The Wines of the Four Elements

We use the four elements to explain the qualities of our wines. We do it in a simple and easy to understand way for everyone.

Air Wines

They are delicate and ethereal in color and aroma that in the mouth become fresh and light.


50% Verdejo, 50% Macabeo. Yellow of greenish tones, bright and bright. It shows fresh clean and sweet notes of ripe fruits. It is soft, light and with pleasant permanence. Its Air character makes it subtle and delicate.

Water Wines

They are gentle and kind to drink. Balanced colors and shades.


50% Tempranillo, 50% Garnacha Fina. It is made as white, without maceration of its skins. It shows delicate rosaceairisations and aromas of wild strawberries. It is warm soft and sweet. It offers great gastronomic versatility. Its Water character makes it friendly and adaptable.


Fire Wines

Its colors are vivid. The fruity and intense flavors and aromas transmit concentration.


50% Macabeo, 50% Airén. Made with maceration of its skins that makes it orange. Its aroma combines nuts and balsamic with a slight touchmineral. Bulky and complex in mouth is long and friendly aftertaste. His character Fire the intense with kind end.


100% Tempranillo Red-purple in color, it is powerful in aromas of ripe fruits of berries ofraspberries and blackberries with dairy bottoms. Transmits concentration and corporeality with enveloping sensationvelvety. His sweet tooth memory is long-lasting. His Fire character makes him powerful and intense.


100% Syrah. A grape with a very long adaptation in our calcareous and sunny vineyards, which makes red wines of mauve tones. They have an intense nose to violet flowers and spicy black fruits. Warm and friendly tannin covered and tasty. His memory is fresh andwild. Its Fire character makes it fruity and lively.


100% Garnacha. We recover with this wine the most rustic of the autochthonous varieties. Bright maroon color. It expresses great complexity and concentration of fruity aromas with remarkable shades of elder flower. Its moderate acidity manifests fruity naturalness and balsamic background and velvety. Its Fire character makes it intense and direct.

Earth Wines

They are structured and solid, of earthy colors, smell and taste like terroir.


100% Tempranillo Expresses the patient tenacity of maturation in jar and barrel for 9 months. Rounded tannins and friendly for aging, its complexes stand outbalsamic, mineral and ripe fruit aromas. Its Earth character makes it serene and balanced.


100% Tempranillo Matured for 4 years in clay jars. It has elegantvarietal aromas in ripe fullness. In the mouth it develops the nuances of time in silky mineral character thatgives way to the gentle fruity sweetness of berries and roots. Its excellentstructure invites to repeat. Its Earth character makes it mineral and wise.


Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon It matures 12 months in French oak. It is bright with suggestive reflectionspurples and elegant central aromas of mineral character. Voluptuous in the mouth with the fruity sweetness of red berries and spicy nuances. Noble and suggestive of aftertaste, eternal and enveloping. Its character makes it Earth, mature and tasty.

Otros Vinos Especiales

We experience new profiles of wines never before made in this winery and we do processes that attract us and pose challenges.
The ecological premises, the use of the Lunar Calendar and the natural elaborations still there in our work.

Botella de mosto blanco parcialmente fermentado de forma natural de variedad tempranillo de la bodega de las estrellas

Mostos parcialmente fermentados en blanco y en rosado.
Son auténticos, hechos sólo en la vendimia y elaboración. A mitad de fermentación, detenemos ésta con un flash-pasteurizado de minutos, que inactiva las levaduras; y lo envasamos en línea sin filtrar. Las inocuas lías depositadas en su fondo y el hecho de que, al abrirlo y dejarlo unos días, reinicie la fermentación, nos habla de su carácter natural y su diferencia sobre los falsos “afrutaditos” industriales.


Airén and Tempranillo. The basis of this wine is overripe Airén grape of incomplete fermentation and Tempranillo very old in headed boots. Its mildly sweet taste, nothing cloying; mixed with the tones Torrefactos of the aging leaves a very pleasant feeling of aftertaste. We are very proud of our wine appetizer and/or dessert. Hiscomplexity of aromas of exotic fruits, fresh and natural, make it adelight.


Sparkling wine with second fermentation in bottle "champenoise method" of theVerdejo and Macabeo varieties, ferments first in jar with its own yeasts and refermentamos the following year with new must in bottle. It matures another year at desks in the cave and manually slaughters to put cork and muzzle. Very elegant wine, with fine and continuous bubbles full of energy and spark. It has a fresh and fruity character in the nose and mouth.

Botella de vino natural de aguja rosado con método ancestral de la bodega de las estrellas

Vinos de aguja por método ancestral en blanco y en rosado.
Los llamamos Ancestrales, ya que es la más antigua forma de envasar vinos de aguja con su propio gas de fermentación. Lo que se evidencia por sus finos y continuos rosarios de burbujas que nacen en el fondo de la copa y no las groseras burbujas y espuma superficial de los vinos gasificados. Al no ser filtrados, para preservar su naturalidad, muestra la decantación de las lías que son inocuas y un síntoma de su proceso de muy baja intervención.

The Moon in the Wine Tasting

The lunar cycles and rhythms that we have used in the cultivation and elaboration to fix aromas and flavors in grapes and wines, have great relevance in the tasting.
It should be borne in mind that only natural wines, made with organic grapes, without any intervention or addition that artificially alters their qualities, they are able to synchronize and express them with the cycles and rhythms of the Moon.
The taster, through the greater or lesser aptitude of his senses, and the wines, depending on their ability to show their qualities, allow us to experiment again with it Moon Phases Calendar. We invite you to an exercise of discovery and verification of our work with EGO Vinum wines


The tasting "To the Beat of the Moon"

Lunar cycles and rhythms and tasting

The increasing and waning pace basically links the taster and his ability to discover, feel and understand new wines.
We can verify on which days the senses are more awake and oriented to discover, those days when the senses are saturated and confuse us, or the days most apt to sit in the gustatory memory the impressions that link origins with sensations.

The upward/downward rhythm affects wine and its ability to express and retain its qualities. 

The rhythm of the Moon before the constellations links the qualities of the wines and the senses of the taster.

We explain it to you in the Visits and Tastings that we do in the winery.

An experience that will enable you to discover nuances that you thought were unattainable, but above all, to experience that wine is a living substance and as such its qualities have a degree of variation, which will quickly allow us to distinguish naturalness from the uniformity and empty stability of technological wines.

Request the Lunar Calendar

If you are interested, we can send you the Lunar Calendar and the Tasting Guide of the Four Elements, simply by requesting in the lower banner the case that contains the collection of 4 wines EGO Vinum wines: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

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