Visit and Tasting

In a beautiful setting, with traditional winery of clay jars, patios, cave with more jars, we explain calmly and with simple words how we make our EGO Vinum wines (the Essence of Wine) with procedures that prioritize sustainability, the improvement of fertility in the vineyards, the use of the Lunar Calendar, natural elaboration without additives in clay jars ...

All to respect the properties of the grape and make Wines of the Earth, healthy, alive and natural. Don't miss it!

Explicación de la vinificación a grupo de visita y cata

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926 313248 / 650 552 976


C/Unión, 82
Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)

Visit Hours

Every day of the week we start the visit with tasting at 12:00h. No groups are needed but it is necessary to book at the number 650 552 967

Cata de Vinos Ecologicos y Naturales de tinaja en patio grande de la bodega

Visit with tasting in Valdepeñas

We are going to show you how the colors, aromas, flavors and textures of winesare formed naturally, without the intervention of additives or sulfites only with grapes.

We will use in the explanation the four elements that form everything that exists in the universe: Air, Water, Fire and Earth, which will make it very intuitive.

Given the intensity of the contents, the tasting times and the didactic nature of the visit, it is aimed at young people and adults. Parents with children, especially if they are restless, can request a private family visit forming a group of at least 6 adults.

Prices and schedules


Per person


Visit with Tasting and Food

Following the Tasting Visit already described, we expand to the option of continuing in the winery atmosphere, with a Meal based on traditional dishes of the region paired with three wines.

2 Starters: 2 gachas manchegas, then duelos and quebrantos.

-Main course (to choose between): Caldereta de cordero or bacalao en salsa.

-Dessert: Traditional sweets. Includes bread, wine and water.

Possibility of vegetarian menu (minimum 2 people). Please ask when you contact us.

Prices and schedules


Per person


Visit and Tasting with Accommodation in the Venta de las Estrellas

We offer you the possibility of staying at La Venta de las Estrellas, in the vineyard estate El Conuco, where we have 2 houses for full rent for 10 and 6 people respectively, plus 5 double rooms with bathroom, single rent (26 places in total).

Information and reservations: 641 116 078

Tasting Course The Four Elements

With previous visit (minimum group of 6 people)

Made by the current owner. The objective is to teach the sensory and cognitive keys to recognize and describe the authentic quality of the wines with a simple, practical and intuitive vocabulary, relying on the Four Elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

We begin with a tour of the winery,to show the stages and processes of elaboration and their impact on the qualities of the wines: colors, aromas, flavors and textures.

Necessary to later be able to use the Four Elements Tasting Guide and the Lunar Wine Tasting Calendar.

We will show what senses to apply to detect the different qualities and how to use a simple language to know how to express the sensations.

We want to help people recognize the wines, so they are authentically, let alone the accessory elements: brand, origin, aging, reserve...

We will taste a minimum of 5 wines and explore the wine-food harmony.   

A feast of sensations! 



What will you find in the visits to the Bodega de las Estrellas?

The visits are always made with a critical point and review on the pre-established, conventional and commercial schemes. It is your opportunity to ask, know and inquire, since our goal is to discover the keys to linking wines to the authentic origin: naturalness, indigenous yeasts and respect for traditional ways of elaboration.

We help you solve your doubts by refining conventions and
preconceived ideas to be autonomous and independent in your knowledge of the world of wine.

We start visit

Astrological Tasting

We propose a fun experience in which we discover the connection that we can find, through the stars, between our tastes and wines.

We use four of the 12 Zodiac Wines; that we have done by selecting grape varieties and elaboration processes, so that their qualities correspond to the essential character of each of the zodiacal signs.

We will make you "oenological profile according to the stars" to suggest the types of wines that constitute your authentic and own "denomination of origin". An exciting journey!


Other experiences in Winery

Tasting of the Senses

This experience is aimed at enhancing the senses of hearing, taste, sight and touch, since it will be done with the eyes covered.

It is surprising how by nullifying the most invasive sense, the rest are enhanced and make us able to discover unexplored perceptions.
The blind tasting reveals new and suggestive sensations of flavors, aromas and textures.



We have other outstanding dates in the winery in which we carry out special activities.

End of november
San Juan, June 23
First week of September
Second Sunday of November

Tourist Quality – SICTED The Bodega de las Estrellas, in its commitment to improve the quality of the tourist services offered, has been adhered to and recognized with the SICTED distinction since 2010. This is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and supported by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. It is a recognition of the effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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