EGO Amphora (matured for 4 years in clay jars/amphorae)

100% Tempranillo Matured for 4 years in clay jars. It has elegant varietal aromas in ripe fullness. In the mouth it develops the nuances of time in silky mineral character thatgives way to the gentle fruity sweetness of berries and roots. Its excellent structure invites to repeat.

Sensory this wine manifests Earth character, mineral and wise.

Variety: Tempranillo 100%.

Vintage: 2015.

% vol: 13,5.

Wine from the Land of Castile certified as "ORGANIC" by CAAE Spain. Suitable for vegans.


With grapes from organic agriculture, grown with the Lunar Calendar and made with their indigenous yeasts in clay jars, we select the best Tempranillo wines aimed at their long stay in jar. They are wines of natural elaboration, for which given their orientation towards an open "aging" in jars, we add light doses of sulfurous.

For a year it remains in the jars of the upper nave.


It occurs in the smallest cave jars, in optimal conditions of darkness, stillness and thermal stability (between 10 and 15 °C all year round).

Here the wines will remain for a total of three years. Due to its microoxygenation capacity as a slow and leisurely breathing of the jar, the life of the wines runs and little by little the astringent part softens, the manoproteins present improve tartaric stability and consolidate the coloring matter; it expands the feeling of volume and especially improves the perception of the aftertaste.

The jar does not transfer components such as barrels and their aromas and flavors of wood. Here the wines evolve their primary aromas deepening in maturity and fruitiness, with their own and differentiated profile and typicity.

Sensoryly it is a friendly and friendly Earth wine.

Tasting notes:

VIEW: cherry red cherry with shades of ripeness.

NOSE: elegant central aromas of mineral character and ripe black fruits.

PALATE: the intensity stops to give way to the gentle fruity sweetness of berries and roots.


Pairing: Mediterranean stews and cured cheeses.

Serving temperature: At 18 ºC. It can be opened in advance.



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